Download LogSnag 1.2.0

When collaborating on a project, it’s best to always be aware of its proceedings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a website, app, script, or game you’re working on: having a means to track those activities can increase efficiency. That’s what LogSnag seeks to deliver: a program tasked with providing a feed for the events of your projects.

Pure and simple, the software offers users an intuitive way to keep a close eye on the latest events of their projects. This whole process is handled by way of HTTP requests: link your project, and you’ll be notified of any new change or event that occurs.

The solution can prove quite useful when you’re running a website. For example, you can be notified whenever a user submits a feedback report, cancels a subscription, or when adding an item to cart. The same can be said for applications: when a new version is deployed, you’ll be notified right away.

To further this, you can elect to have push notifications whenever there’s something happening. In addition, you can track different things for your projects via the Channels function, which effectively allows you to keep track of multiple things at once.

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