Android 13 Beta 3 makes Pixel battery widget smaller (2 x 1) and larger (5 x 1)

At its smallest size, the Android 12 version of the Pixel Battery Widget is configured at 2 x 2. As a result, if the only battery that the widget is tracking is the one on a Pixel phone, the widget appears a little uneven with too much empty space. It would be great to make the footprint of the widget smaller if such a thing was possible. Unfortunately, only those running their Pixel on Android 13 Beta 3 can reduce the battery widget to a size as small as 2 x 1 which only shows the battery life of the user’s Pixel handset and not his Pixel Buds.

With Android 13 Beta 3, users can change the configuration of the battery widget to a tile-like size as small as 2 x 1 and as large as 5 x 1 which is big enough to show the remaining battery life for the phone, the left Pixel Bud, and the right Pixel Bud. Other options include a 4 x 1 configuration. Eventually, we hope to see Google add the battery life for Wear OS timepieces to the widget.

To find the “Battery” Widget, long-press on an empty bit of real estate on your Pixel’s home screen. You will see a pop-up that shows Wallpaper & style, Widgets, and Home settings. Tap on Widgets, scroll to “Battery” and you’ll see your choices.

With the release of Android 13 Beta 3, we are in the home stretch as the race to release the final stable version of Android 13 comes closer to the end. We expect one more Beta release of Android 13 next month with a stable release sometime after that. Models from the Pixel 4 and up are eligible to receive Android 13.

We wouldn’t suggest that a Pixel user join the Android 13 Beta Program just to get more options for the Pixel Battery Widget as something like that can surely wait for the stable version of the update to be disseminated; that will take place sometime in August which is just around the corner.

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