Best new TV shows to stream this week on Netflix, HBO Max, and more

Kamala Kahn looks at herself in the mirror while wearing a Captain Marvel costume - Ms. Marvel trailer breakdown

Once again, we have another big week for the best new TV shows you can stream. We have another new Marvel superhero character getting her own series, and you can check out the third season of an acclaimed alternate history show. There’s also a third season of a great paranormal investigation drama, the debuts of a number of new dramas, and we bid farewell to one of the best historical crime shows of all time. Let’s look at the best new TV shows to stream this week.

Best new streaming TV shows this week

Ms Marvel Season One (Disney Plus)

Iman Vellani and Matt Lintz talk on a rooftop in Ms. Marvel - Ms. Marvel trailer breakdown

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has birthed another superhero and another new series on Disney Plus. Kamala Khan (played by newcomer Iman Vellani) is just a typical teenager in Jersey City. She has daydreams of being a superhero herself, like her idol Captain Marvel. However, when she finds and puts on an old family bracelet, she gets the shock of her life. The bracelet has given her the power to generate and control cosmic light energy. However, this is just the beginning of her own super hero journey.

You can watch the first episode now, while the other five episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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For All Mankind Season Three (Apple TV Plus)

for all mankind season 3 summer tv shows

Apple TV Plus debuts the third season of this acclaimed show, which takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union, and not the US, was the first country to put a man on the moon. The third season takes place in the 1980s, and the space race has accelerated to the point that a manned mission to Mars is now possible. The US doesn’t want to be second this time, but it not only has to deal with the Soviets again, but also a private company that wants to put a person on Mars first.

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Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has quickly become a major player in the streaming game since its launch in 2019. Its slate of original programming includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind as well as movies like The Banker, Greyhound, and Palmer.

Peaky Blinders Season Six (Netflix)

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

The UK import Peaky Blinders became a sleeper hit in the US when it debuted on Netflix several years ago. Now it’s time for this crime drama to drop its final episodes on the service. We will soon learn the fate of the fictional Birmingham-based Peaky Blinders crime gang. The sixth season is set in the early 1930s, as the Nazi party rises in Germany, which also causes a rise in British fascist groups. 

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Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

First Kill Season One (Netflix)

first kill

Fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel might enjoy this new supernatural-themed teen drama on Netflix. A teenage vampire is supposed to make her first kill in a new town. She encounters a young vampire slayer who is also supposed to make her first kill. The drama really begins when they meet and become attracted to each other.

Queer as Folk Season One (Peacock)

queer as folk

Peacock debuts this new reimagining of the acclaimed UK drama series that got a US version about 15 years ago. In New Orleans, the LGBTQ+ community has to deal with a horrific tragedy early on in the series. The event threatens to break many people involved, but others use it as a way to pick themselves up and come together.

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NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service offers a lot of great movies and TV shows to stream on demand, along with live news and sports. Best of all, you can watch lots of its content for free, or watch all of it with a paid subscription starting at just $4.99 a month.

Evil Season Three (Paramount Plus)

evil season 3

One of the best Paramount Plus shows debuts its third season on Sunday, June 12, with new episodes released weekly. The three-person Catholic team that investigates what appears at first to be supernatural events are back at it with a new slate of cases. Yes, it’s very much like The X-Files, but with a religious angle, and it can go into some very different directions.

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Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus includes thousands of movies and TV shows from CBS, Showtime, and Paramount Pictures. It also includes new and original movies like The Good Fight, Infinite, and more.

Irma Vep Season One (HBO Max)

irma vep

Here’s a very weird, and very meta, limited series on HBO that you can stream via HBO Max. It’s based on a 1996 movie of the same name, where actress Maggie Cheung played a version of herself. In the movie, she is hired to play a part in a remake of an old silent French spy movie. The new limited series is written and directed by the same person who wrote and directed the film version. This time, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander plays Mira, a well-known American actor best known for appearing in big-budget Hollywood films. She wants a change and decides to take on the role of a burglar in, yes, a  remake of an old silent French spy movie. But what happens when the actor and the role she plays, begin to blur together?

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HBO Max is your home for Warner Bros-made movies and TV shows like The Lord of the Rings, the DC Comics superheroes, and more. It’s also the home for new and original movies and shows available nowhere else.

Dark Winds Season One (AMC Plus)

dark winds

AMC Plus debuts the first episode of this six part limited series on Sunday, June 12, with new episodes released weekly. Based on a series of crime novels by Tony Hillerman, the show is set in the 1970s, with two Navajo police officers, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, investigating a murder in the American Southwest. The show boasts Robert Redford and George R.R. Martin as two of its executive producers.

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AMC Plus

AMC Plus offers ad-free on-demand access to the library of shows and movies from the AMC Networks family of cable TV and streaming services.

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If you missed last week’s column, here’s a look at our previous week’s picks for the best TV shows to stream.

The Boys Season Three (Amazon Prime Video)

the boys season 3 summer 2022 tv shows

The hard R-rated superhero satire that got a surprise Emmy Award nomination for Best Drama in its second season is back on Amazon Prime Video after a two-year wait for its third season. It takes place nearly a year after the second season, and the Superman-like character Homelander is going on a press tour to apologize for his romantic relationship with Stormfront, who turned out to be a nearly 100-year-old Nazi war criminal. The members of the anti-supes group The Boys have gone their separate ways and are trying to become normal citizens. However, things are quickly put in motion and will bring The Boys back together again to deal with Homelander and some new threats, including a WWII-era character, Soldier Boy.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers access to thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. That includes great original shows and movies like The Boys and The Tomorrow War. You can also sign up for other premium services within Amazon Prime Video.

The Orville: New Horizons Season Three (Hulu)

orville new horizons summer 2022 tv shows

It’s been three years since the second season of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s tribute to Star Trek aired on Fox. However, Hulu is now the new home for this sci-fi space exploration series in its third season (with a new subtitle no less). Expect to see some big-budget-looking stories in this 10-episode run, which will see MacFarlane return as Captain Ed Mercer, commanding The Orville. Also, look for pretty major cameos by some well-known actors in the sci-fi genre in this new season.

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Hulu offers not only thousands of movies and TV shows to stream, it also has original shows and films like The Handmaid’s Tale. You can upgrade to Hulu Plus Live TV to get live channels, including your local stations.

Pistol Season One (Hulu)


Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) directed this six-episode docudrama limited series as an “FX on Hulu” exclusive. It’s a look at the rise and fall of the legendary punk rock band The Sex Pistols. It shows how Steve Jones got the band going in mid-1970s London, with band members like Paul Cook, “Sid Vicious”, and the band’s main singer “Johnny Rotten”. The band’s rise in the UK, and later the world, turned rock music on its ear. You can watch all six episodes now.

Physical Season Two (Apple TV Plus)


Rose Byrne returns as Sheila Rubin in the second season of this Apple TV Plus dramedy. As with the first season, Sheila is trying to grow her fitness video business in the early 1980s into a full brand empire. However, she has lots of challenges in that quest, from a husband that doesn’t believe in her to a woman who claims Sheila stole her specific fitness routine from her. There’s also a much bigger male rival in the exercise genre that she wants to learn from.

The Floor Is Lava Season Two (Netflix)

floor is lava

Netflix brings back this goofy but cool game show, based on the familiar kids game, for a second season after a nearly two-year wait. Each episode features three teams of three people who try to navigate courses without falling into the “lava” floor pool. This season, there’s an actual volcano to navigate, along with some other new obstacles.

Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special (Netflix)

norm macdonald

Comedian Norm Macdonald, known for his dry humor in his stand-up act and in his classic Weekend Update segments on Saturday Night Live, tragically died from cancer in September 2021 at the age of 61. However, before that happened, he secretly recorded his final stand-up special from his living room in one take. Netflix has now posted that special, where he talks about a variety of subjects, from cannibalism to living wills and more. The special also features other well-known comedians as they pay tribute to Macdonald.

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