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SmarterStats is a software application designed to help you generate traffic summary and trend reports. You can use it as a web log analytics and SEO program for generating website statistics.

Prior configuration settings

Several parameters need to be tweaked before running the program. You can configure them via a web-driven interface and follow the step-by-step approach.

The application lets you provide information about the system administrator (username and password), specify the folder where the information is stored, alter the time zone, and configure SMTP settings in order to send email reports and administrator notifications.

User interface

The tool can be controlled via a web interface that sports a clean and intuitive layout. There are three main tabs that you can work with, namely Sites, Reports and Settings.

Rookies may also take advantage of some configuration tutorials in case they don’t manage to set up the entire process on their own.

Managing sites

When it comes to adding a new website for assessing its overall performance, you can enter information about the site ID, name, URL, admin username and password, email address, server, current state, saving directory, and time zone. Data about a new site can also be imported from IIS.

What’s more, you can enable log analysis and specify the saving directory, wildcard and file paths, enter the maximum number of keywords and competitors for the SEO campaigns, pick the available search engines, enter the maximum number of pages to crawl, pages per minute and query pages, as well as tweak some advanced parameters in order to automatically delete the log file and choose the exporting directory and URL.

Generating comprehensive reports

SmarterStats helps you build up summary reports about traffic and visitors, generate different types of charts (area, bar, line or pipe), sort data by server name, visits, visitors, new visitors or return visits, as well as filter the information by date.

General configuration settings

The program lets you activate the notification reminder popups, customize the report by specifying a custom report limit, maximum number of items, DNS threads and DNS lookup limit, as well as check out the available servers, active processes, info about memory usage and version info.

Bottom line

All in all, SmarterStats proves to be a reliable and efficient program that helps you analyze website performance and page load times with the aid of separate bot and spider detection and detailed reports. This version is limited to a single site, so if you are looking for multiple ones you can try the Enterprise Edition.

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