Download ShinePDF 2.3

PDF is pretty much the de facto extension for documents these days: it’s more than likely to have PDF documents than to have Word ones, for example, and the ease-of-use that comes with Adobe’s format certainly contributed a bunch to its popularity.

Converting to and from PDF can be bothersome, and finding a competent tool to handle the conversion can be quite a journey. ShinePDF allows users to convert their documents to and from many formats, as well as merge and compress them, split their pages, and more.

A practical solution

The software is quick to get up and running: unpack the archive it comes in, launch the executable, then accept the agreement. You’ll then be able to make use of the program’s toolset right away: drop your documents in, and start working on them.

The interface is quite practical, and every feature available to users is summarily presented. The left side of the interface contains the app’s functions, so users can readily get to whatever they need. You can convert your PDFs to Word, HTML, TXT, and even into .PNG images. PDF to Excel spreadsheet conversion is also possible.

Conversely, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, TXT, and image files can, too, be converted into PDF. The process works as you would expect, and everything is very quickly dealt with.

More options for your documents

Fusing multiple PDF files together is also a feature, likewise for splitting and compressing them. The tool also supports the autofilling of PDF forms: all you need to do is insert a document that contains forms, and the program will do the rest.

Protecting multiple documents is additionally possible, and the software offers an intuitive interface to speed up the process.

In conclusion

ShinePDF is a functional, intuitive tool that lends itself well to PDF-related workflows: users can handily convert, split, merge, compress, and protect their documents through such a program.

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