Outriders Worldslayer could take you six hours — or hundreds

LOS ANGELES – Outriders Worldslayer has the potential to bring a lot of lapsed fans back to the game. When Polish developer People Can Fly released cooperative looter-shooter Outriders last year, the company earned a lot of accolades for avoiding microtransactions, daily login bonuses and other predatory multiplayer mechanics. However, this also meant that when players finished the campaign and the endgame content, there wasn’t much reason to go back. Outriders Worldslayer, the game’s first big expansion, could change that.

I went hands-on with Outriders Worldslayer at Summer Game Fest, and it wasn’t long before I remembered why I had such high praise for Outriders back when it launched. Like the base game, Worldslayer is a third-person shooter with extremely tight shooting mechanics, and satisfying extra abilities. I played as a melee-friendly Devastator, who could stomp, stake and air-pound enemies into submission, restoring his HP by doing so. But the other classes – Trickster, Pyromancer and Trickster – are equally fun to play. For purposes of the demo, I played solo, but Worldslayer, like the base game, is best played cooperatively.

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