Download Clean Master for Chrome

You can tell, just by looking at the name, that Clean Master aims to be the best solution for clearing your Chrome browser. This, however, does not necessarily mean it’s actually there yet. While it offers a lot of options and does clean your browser, it really can’t differentiate itself from other such tools. One must agree that these tools, in general, come in handy, especially when trying to clean your workspace. You will never end up with a clogged or unresponsive browser if you decide to use it.

It’s stylish and useful

The first thing you will notice is the fact that this little extension is actually quite stylish. The few menus and options it displays are well-positioned, and they fit well with the rest of the browser’s design. You get to choose what to clean, so you also have some customization options. The extension cleans the usual stuff one would expect: history, downloads, cache, and temporary files. The idea behind it is simple. It helps you clean what you could remove anyway via the browser’s own options, but much quicker. You won’t waste time looking through menus or manually cleaning all the files. One push of a button and you’re done.

It’s more useful for older computers

If you have trouble browsing the internet, and your computer is maybe, just maybe, too old, then this extension could actually prove useful to you. It could also prove useful if you don’t like wasting time and you want to have more control of your browser, without actually wasting hours to find the right options in its menus. In this respect, you’ll find Clean Master for Chrome to be quite useful. Otherwise, it’s just another extension among others.

Thus, while Clean Master is a useful add-on, it doesn’t really belong to a group of must-have add-ons. What it does is a tad limiting, but it isn’t really its fault. If you’re looking for an extension to clean your browser, this seems to be a suitable alternative. It doesn’t have complicated or unique features, but it’s a well-working extension created to help you keep your browsing life much cleaner.

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