Download novaPDF Standard 11.5 Build 334

novaPDF Standard enables complex functionality access for PDF management, document design and graphics implementations, and PDF file management, conversion, and sharing.

A standalone application for PDF management and Microsoft add-ins for easier document management, conversion, and editing

This application is a complex suite that consists of multiple instruments. These tools cover the entire spectrum of PDF needs, everything from the design, editing, and content manipulation to cross-platform management, printing, or metadata and copyrights integration into your files and documents.

During the installation process, the tool will install the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime (2010) on your PC as well. Given the fact that novaPDF Standard installs add-ons needed for it to effectively handle documents at a cross-platform level, it needs the Microsoft Runtime component as a basis for the installation and integration of the Microsoft Office extensions it adds to your system.

On the flip side, the standalone application is more like a management tool that allows you to create separate profiles for different authors and set up their privacy levels, the Adobe reader version you wish to choose, as well as the functioning details of the PDF system you wish to set up in place (choose the default compression, conversion, downsampling, fonts, bookmark options, layout and document orientation, or watermark implementation).

Copyright management, metadata adjustments, and PDF functions

With novaPDF Standard, you can control some of the things you could do with your PDFs after their creation. For example, you can set up a printer that works as a server and communicates with (an)other local PDF printer(s); as such, you can assign different priority printing queues for generating different PDF sets.

Also, you can choose actions that are performed by the system after the PDFs have been successfully generated (e.g. run an application with custom input parameters), add extra metadata information, and even use the ‘Copyrighted/Public Domain’ option for dedicated copyright information you must add into your documents.

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