Best shoes for Peloton and indoor cycling in 2022

So you’ve got a Peloton bike and now you’re looking for the shoes to help you spin more efficiently? The best shoes for Peloton, and any indoor cycling bike for that matter, make reaching your goals that little bit easier. Unlike sneakers or your favorite running shoes, cycling shoes clip into a bike’s pedals, which not only makes them more secure, but also provides more power while you’re cycling. 

There are two main types of cleats on cycling shoes (the cleat is the bit that connects the shoe to the pedal) —  ‘three bolt’ and ‘two bolt’ cleat systems. Peloton bikes come with Delta-compatible cleats, so you’ll want to look for shoes with a three-bolt cleat system. You can use SPD cleats on the bike, but you’ll need to swap the pedals. Alternatively, we’ve reviewed these brilliant Venzo 3-in-1 pedals that allow you to switch between the SPD and Delta cleat systems. 

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