Overwatch 2: All hero changes and reworks

As developer Blizzard looks to transition regular Overwatch into the Overwatch 2 era, fans can expect several large balance changes for each of the game’s heroes. As Overwatch 2 is moving Overwatch PvP to a 5v5 format with one fewer tank, many of the game’s heroes needed adjustments to remain balanced and viable. Some heroes will likely get changed more than others, but very few heroes (if any) will stay just like they currently are in the original Overwatch.

The arrival of the Overwatch 2 beta has given fans a taste of some of the balance adjustments that will come with the full release of the game, and as the developer continues to tune and tweak each hero, we’ll catalog all of Overwatch 2’s hero changes and reworks here. On top of that, we’ll also go over how each hero fits into Overwatch’s metagame and what you need to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that all of the changes listed below are subject to change, as the developers will no doubt make future adjustments based on player feedback and other data.

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