Steelrising Xbox/PC preview: An intriguing steampunk Soulslike

When FromSoftware unleashed the Dark Souls series upon the world, it left a tremendous impact on the gaming community. Gamers across the globe were hooked on its macabre atmosphere, intricate level design, and excruciatingly difficult but rewarding gameplay. In fact, its impact was so huge that it inspired an entire sub-genre of action RPGs called Soulslikes. These games aim to recapture the magic of FromSoftware’s iconic dark fantasy games while adding their own spin on the gameplay formula.

Today’s subject, Steelrising, aims to tackle the Soulslike genre with a steampunk aesthetic. The developer Spiders, best known for their open-world RPG Greedfall, have graciously sent us a preview build of the PC version of Steelrising. This build offers a taste of the first few hours of the game plus the first major boss fight.

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