LTE-M development kits connect to the cloud

Renesas offers two development kits for its RA and RX families of 32-bit MCUs that are outfitted with a Cat-M1 (LTE-M) module for cloud connection. The CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N kits allow users to evaluate and deploy mobile cloud applications for wireless IoT systems without having to design their own complex circuitry and software stacks.

According to Renesas, the RYZ014A Cat-M1 module is a certified LTE cellular component that offers the ability to establish a wireless connection between the MCU and cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once connected to AWS IoT Core, the kits have access to many cloud and IoT services from AWS for data analytics and IoT device management. Kits also provide Ethernet connectivity.

The CK-RA6M5 development kit packs an onboard RF7A6M5BH3CFC MCU with a 200-MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core. The CK-RX65N employs an onboard R5F565NEHDFB MCU with a 120-MHz RX v2 core. Along with the MCU and RYZ014A Pmod module, each kit includes multiple sensors, two MEMS microphones, hardware-based security, and a reliable software stack.

The CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N kits are available from Renesas distributors and will include a $10 AWS credit and 30 days of free Cat-M1 data for cloud connection.

CK-RA6M5 product page

CK-RX65N product page

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