Ericsson, TIM and Comau Test the “Factory of the Future” Thanks to 5G Network Slicing

Thanks to TIM and Ericsson’s deployment of a 5G network at Comau’s headquarters in Turin, Italy, three new applications have been launched to demonstrate the advantages of the new technology, and in particular those arising from the slicing functionality of the network, within an industrial environment. “Network Slice,” is a virtual logical network slice of 5G that can support different application cases with special characteristics and requirements. The same physical 5G network can therefore have multiple slices, each dedicated to specific services or customers, thus offering greater flexibility, an efficient use of network resources, and more opportunities for companies to deploy differentiated services with specific requirements for speed, latency and reliability.

The experiment’s first use case captures the movement of a robot and through an ultra-low latency radio link, produces a synchronized digital twin. The movement of the mechanical robot and the respective virtual renderings are perfectly aligned in time. Furthermore, as the central system is constantly updated, it can consequently decide which production process is most convenient. while controlling all the function parameters.

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