Google Pixel 6a — is this the breakthrough budget phone we’ve been waiting for?

We’re a month out from the arrival of the Google Pixel 6a, the phone that Google previewed during its developer conference in May. And that means while consumers try to decide if the compromises the Pixel 6a makes are worth the lower $449 price for the phone, Google has to consider another possibility: what if people just aren’t interested in budget phones like the Pixel 6a?

Consider the top 10 best-selling smartphones for 2021 compiled by Counterpoint research this past March. You’ll find some familiar names on the list, including seven different iPhones. (The iPhone 12 tops the list of best-sellers, which makes sense since it was out for the entire year and not just a fraction, like the newer iPhone 13 models.) What you won’t find on that list are many budget phones.

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