Download Tableau Reader 2022.1.3

Tableau Reader is designed as a viewer for Tableau projects, as suggested by its name. In other words, this application can open data visualizations and statistics projects created using the desktop edition of Tableau, allowing you to interact with elements and maps, and check statistical indicators within the project.

A project viewer for the Tableau statistics application

As the official project viewer for the Tableau statistical software solution, Tableau Reader is designed to make project exploring easier. It manages to do so by deploying a stripped-down edition of Tableau, a version that is restricted to opening TWBX files.

Tableau Reader displays the main statistical indicators and the source of the data within its main window. It enables you to view all the graphics and charts in an interface that is optimized for data exploring rather than data management and editing. In fact, there are no tools for changing the data source or modifying the graphs.

Interactive viewer of statistical data, charts, and graphs

What is great about it is that it maintains data interactivity. Data can be filtered with a few clicks. Also, you can change the sorting methods and modify thresholds, then view the effect your actions have on graphs. To put it another way, the content cannot be changed, but you have various tools at your disposal to manipulate it.

Data sets and images can be easily exported if needed. Graphs are exported together with their title and legend to PNG, BMP or JPEG format. Entire tables or just parts of them can be saved as Access databases (MBD), or sent to Microsoft Excel with a click, provided Office is installed.

An interactive data viewer that accompanies Tableau

Tableau Reader can filter the information in a Tableau project and keep it exactly the way you need it. Whether it is graphs of different types or data tables in your project, Tableau Reader can open them. Keeping the interactivity and bringing to the table exporting capabilities make the Reader a must-have tool if you are already working with Tableau.

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