Download txt note manager 1.0.0

Managing your notes and text files can be a confusing process, especially if you don’t label them properly. Storing your notes in something like Google Docs would help with that, as aside from the cloud syncing functionality, you also get a preview of the text within a file without having to open it.

What if you prefer to keep things locally, though? A text manager can be of aid, and txt note manager seeks to offer users a simple and easy way to manage their diary and text files. The tool sports an intuitive interface, which allows users to manage multiple such files with ease.

Simple, but practical

This is a rather rudimentary one, and though that may not be ideal for some, the overall simplicity of the program is at least worth appreciating. Run the installer — or don’t, if you go the portable route — and boot up the app: you can then select the folder where your text files are located, and on you go.

Upon doing that, the program will fetch any .txt files it finds, and the interface really lends itself well to a specific type of workflow: select the files you want to work on, and the preview window at the center of the interface will allow you to analyze and edit anything.

Text editing

The text editing operations you can do here are quite basic. Don’t expect Markdown-like levels of editing: if you’re looking to simply correct a passage, fix a typo, or anything similar, you’ll be able to do it just fine here, but not anything more than that.

Users can also create new text files, and start writing immediately. These will be saved in the main folder you chose for your files. If you wish to search withing your files, you can do that via the integrated search bar.

In conclusion

txt note manager may seem overly basic to some, and to an extent, that is true. Nevertheless, for those looking for a simple text manager, what you get here isn’t too bad.

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