Download DualSafe Password Manager for Chrome 1.0.64

Making sure that your sensitive data stays safe and hidden from unwanted access is more important than ever, especially considering the increasing abundance and versatility of malware these days, both online and offline. Login credentials, payment information, passwords for various purposes, and even credit card details, are some of the aspects that DualSafe Password Manager for Chrome will help you keep safe, and at the same ensure that your data remains readily accessible at all times.

Unobtrusive extension deployment, which enhances accessibility and usage efficiency

Right from the start, we enjoyed the swift and straightforward extension deployment, and the fact that the features are available in a subtle manner. Users must be aware though, that before proceeding with using its features, they need to create a corresponding account.

This process is quite straightforward, and it will enable them functionality together with the desktop client counterpart, by having all data linked to a single, centralized account.

Have your credentials and payment data accessible at a glance, as well as additional tools through the desktop version

Just as with the desktop counterpart, the extension offers users the chance to store data pertaining to a wide scope, and aside from the common, website login credentials, one can also add payment information, as well as credit card data.

Furthermore, personal notes can also be created and safely stored, and access to additional features, such as a password generator is also provided. The extra tools, namely the Dark Web Monitor, Password Health checker, and the importing and exporting features, will require the desktop client to be installed.

Handy extension that will ensure your sensitive data’s safety and provide you with a way to access it instantly

Give this Chrome extension a try, if you wish to have a safe place for storing and accessing website login credentials, payment and credit card data, as well as other types of sensitive information.

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