Download Voice In Voice Typing 3.10

Voice In Voice Typing is a remarkable tool that will revolutionize work processes for those who actively need to write and transcribe texts, in longer or shorter formats. It is a program that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store and will get added to your extensions list so you can easily access it directly from your web browser.

How does it work and what are its powerful aspects?

It is a really small extension that gets installed and added in the Chrome toolbar and only works if you have a microphone connected to your computer. The icon added to your browser is a small, grey microphone that should turn red, later, when it starts working and listening to your speech.

After connecting your microphone, click the small icon in the browser: on the newly loaded page, give the app access to your device and set the dictation language. If you can’t find the page for the setting, click here. What is really impressive is the fact that the tool allows for input in more than 40 languages (with additional dialects). The transcript will be done in the chosen language, with diacritics included.

Who can benefit from this kind of tool?

A program like this one can benefit a lot of individuals who need to quickly transform words into written, actionable text. The tool has a dedicated online editor for users who need a special environment (like a web-based note-taking platform) to write their sayings — you can find it here and have it available after log in.

Voice In Voice Typing’s accuracy is really high. All you need is a microphone, a quiet room, and a relatively articulate pronunciation. This tool can do wonders for people with disabilities (incapacitated by physical restraints), kids who don’t know how to write yet, people who find it difficult to use a computer, or those who try to learn a new language.


Voice In Voice Typing is a tool that will exceed your expectations. For such a tiny addon, it succeeds in turning your voice commands into written text with great precision. For extras like a new line or punctuation, you have a full list of specialized instructions that can be accessed here. The tool is currently compatible with many popular websites and even allows, in premium mode, for adding custom commands.

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