Download Portable Firefox ESR 91.11.0

Be it that you’re running a small company, with a handful of employees, or a larger enterprise business, being concerned about the security and overall stability of the used software is a good way of keeping a safe working environment. Internet browsers make no exception, and, ensuring a secure web surfing experience involves relying on trustworthy, stable releases. Built with data protection in mind, this latest iteration of Portable Firefox ESR will provide you with a solid browsing experience for you and your business, without compromise in terms of security.

Choose this Extended Support Release and this way ensure safe browsing

By selecting this version of Mozilla Firefox, users will benefit from a release which shares all the common features or the regular browser but is improved in terms of stability and overall browsing safety.

Major updates are received far less often and, unlike the regular edition browser, the ESR release will provide users with access to additional policies, such as changes in the search engine department, especially useful when connected to Active Directory type servers.

Maintain privacy for your data and select your preferred release cadence, in accordance with your particular requirements

Since the release period is significantly longer than on the standard version, ESR has all of its emphasis put on stability and offering a secure experience, especially in the context of dealing with sensitive data in an enterprise.

However, if users do require a different cadence for the build, they can always toggle between the rapid or extended release channels, all in accordance with their specific needs.

A solid performer in the secure, business-oriented Internet browser arena

If the utmost in data security and safe browsing is your main concern when running a business or enterprise, this version of Firefox can certainly fill the shoes of a browser that offers such capabilities.

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