Think Silicon rolls out RISC-V 3D GPU

Graphics IP provider Think Silicon demonstrated what it believes is the first 3D GPU based on the RISC-V RV64C ISA at Embedded World 2022. NEOX is a parallel multicore and multithreaded GPU that can be configured with 4 to 64 cores organized in 1 to 16 cluster elements, each configured for cache sizes and thread counts.

The NEOX G-Series (graphics) and A-series (deep leaning accelerator) are the company’s latest smart GPU architectures with programmable compute shaders running on an RTOS and supported by lightweight graphics and machine learning frameworks. Intended for implementation in 32-bit SoCs, the system can be customized for graphics, machine learning, vision/video processing, and general-purpose compute workloads through configurable programming libraries using the same hardware blocks.

Think Silicon also introduced the NEMA pico-VG for MCU-driven SoCs. NEMA pico-VG supports rich vector graphics and improves system efficiency by offloading CPU utilization by up to 95%. Used for displays in battery-driven, power-constrained products, the multi-core vector and 2.5D raster graphics processor supports clock frequencies from 90 MHz to 500 MHz, 800×600 resolution, and 70 fps in a tiny silicon area of 0.21 mm2.

NEOX IP pre-evaluation systems are available for customer testing. The NEMA pico-VG production-ready RTL is expected to begin shipping to customers in Q4 2022.

Think Silicon

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