Download Gitako for Firefox 3.7.4

Gitako is a tool that will drastically improve your GitHub navigation flow. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that is equipped with a bunch of useful functionalities. The program has a perfectly-functioning interface with customizable features and makes working with GitHub easier and less frustrating.

The tree structure for organized repositories

For those who are familiar with GitHub and use it frequently, the way the repositories and the navigation are displayed is no surprise. However, GitHub does not have a tree-like system for a general overlook. It surely has the amazingly-useful navigation path next to the branch-switching button but it lacks something that would offer a dependency overview of all the child/parent-repositories. That’s when Gitako becomes really practical.

This small-packed Firefox add-on will map all the locations from each GitHub project in a coherent tree-like structure — meaning you get an awesome overview and can navigate Github independently from the tree structure generated by the extension. Basically, you don’t have to open a folder to see what’s inside it as Gitako solves the issue for you: it creates a lateral left-side-window where it maps all the folders from any GitHub project.

Extra functions that make Gitako super special

Besides the main presented function, Gitako comes packed with some extra nice features like instant file search — in the newly generated structure, this option will greatly simplify searching for specific elements, documents, or files with a given extension/name. After searching for the desired element, you can also copy the newly found file, or some snippets, as Gitako has this built-in function, as well.

Another great advantage that will make Gitako an excellent choice for both beginners and professional GitHub users is the fact that the tree-system-builder supports private repositories and git submodules, as well. On top of all, this tool has intuitive keyboard accessibility, is extremely fast, and can be quickly customized to fit your needs.


To summarize, Gitako brings a lot of features and options that will have a positive impact on anyone’s workflow. It will reduce the search time, the frustration, and will boost navigation and productivity in no time.

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