Download SQuirrel SQL Client 4.4.0 / 20220703_0249 Snapshot

Keeping a database environment in check can be achieved in numerous ways, especially considering the recent advancements in the digital context concerning DBMSs. Aside from actual database management systems, users can also resort to database visualizers, which, although lacking more advanced functionality, make up for that through the efficiency that comes with their simplicity. Maybe not as simplistic as that, but SQuirrel SQL Client aims at offering those who visualize JDBC-compliant databases, a handy way of doing so.

Impressive database structure visualization tools, coupled with additional, on-screen controls, for efficiency

SQuirrel SQL Client comes equipped with a well-structured layout, which manages to magically encapsulate a plethora of tools and features, despite its modest interface. At a glance, one will be able to access a wide range of functions, some offered through tabs, some through dedicated buttons.

Furthermore, having loaded a database, users will be able to work in a logical sequence, thanks to the thoughtful, step-by-step process that results from the design of the tab array and all subsequent features.

Perform database parameter edits, change the preferred driver type, and customize your sessions

Aside from the visualization features, the application also comes packed with a lot of other useful tools, which allow one to perform tweaks to the parameters of the database objects and their characteristics.

Users can work with aliases, manage sessions and choose and edit a wide range of database drivers, as the application offers support for an impressive amount. Last but not least, adjusting schemas and driver properties is also possible, and the settings bank even allows for color coding of the controls.

Comprehensive database visualizer app, which goes one step further, offering users a load of extra features

This application can provide reliable performance to those who need to work with JDBC-compliant databases and who require a capable visualizer for the database structure and its subsequent components.

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