Xbox and PC recap: A roadmap for the next 12 months, Blizzard expands for Dragonflight

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well. June was, as usual, an absolutely massive month for the gaming industry. Even with the absence of big shows from a couple of the usual players (looking at you, Ubisoft and Nintendo), events like the Xbox and Bethesda showcase and Summer Game Fest provided plenty of different gaming announcements. 

Outside of that, there’s some ugliness threatening portions of the U.S. gaming industry (and the U.S. at large). Let’s dive in.

Xbox and Bethesda provide a 12-month roadmap

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We got the big Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase earlier this June. In a small but surprising move, Microsoft revealed towards the start of the show that it would be entirely focused on games that are slated to release within the next year. As such, some heavy-hitters like Avowed and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 weren’t present, as they’re presumably not launching until after June 2023. 

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