Download DeepL 4.0.6052.0

Working with documents in foreign languages is no longer a rare occurence any more. You can either rely on specialized translators to process your texts or you can try automated tools like DeepL.

Seamless integration with text processors

The greatest function of this utility is that you do no need to manually launch it every time you need to translate your text to a another language. You simply need to press Ctrl+C twice and the paragraph(s) you have selected are automatically pasted within the main window of DeepL and translated.

In other words, you can continue working with your favorite text editor and leave DeepL running in the background without it hogging your PC resources. Alternatively, you can create a list with the programs where DeepL should not be triggered.

Intuitive interface

The main window of DeepL is as straightforward as it can be – you get one panel for the source text and another one for the translation. You can even look for synonyms and replace words in the output text if you are not entirely satisfied with the result.

Furthermore, DeepL can help you improve your vocabulary when learning a new language, as it displays a detailed explanation for a chosen word or phrase, along with various scenarios for using them.

Several languages currently supported

DeepL currently supports several source languages (such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian), and it automatically detects the language for your selected fragment. It can translate the text to the same languages, so you should first check if the language you are interested in is supported.

All in all, DeepL is a useful and reliable application for those who often need to translate parts of their texts to other languages and who also want to enrich their vocabulary in the target language.

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