Download Pixillion Photo and Image Converter 10.33 Beta

It is not uncommon to find that certain web services or devices only support images saved to a limited range of formats, making a batch converter a useful thing to have at hand.

Pixillion Photo and Image Converter is a fairly straightforward application designed to help you convert, rotate and resize your images, as well as apply watermarks. It is capable of batch processing and supports an extensive list of file formats.

Easy-to-use program that can handle numerous files at once

Pixillion Photo and Image Converter’s novice-friendly design stands out as soon as you launch the application, as it features a very intuitive layout and provides easy access to all of the important functions.

When it comes to loading the pictures that need to be processed, you can either add them to the list using drag and drop actions or have the program import every supported file from a particular folder automatically.

The selected picture can be previewed in the right-hand panel, and important file details are also provided to help you decide which of them should be processed.

Versatile utility that supports a broad range of image formats

Pixillion Photo and Image Converter can help you convert images to numerous popular picture formats, and it is even capable or processing RAW photos captured with various digital cameras.

Certain encoder and compression settings can be fine-tuned depending on the output format you select, and the program can preserve metadata when exporting the new files.

Perform basic editing operations and apply watermarks

In addition to converting images to other formats, the application also makes it possible to resize, flip and rotate pictures.

Moreover, you can protect your photos by adding captions or applying watermarks, and the program allows you to fine-tune their dimensions, opacity and position.

All in all, Pixillion Photo and Image Converter is a versatile and intuitive software solution that enables you to convert image files to a broad range of formats, as well as apply watermarks and resize, rotate or flip pictures.

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