Download AnyCase App 10.91

Unless your text editor comes with a dedicated option, there is no other way to change the case of a text piece but to rewrite the text with the ‘Caps Lock’ on. AnyCase App comes to save you all that trouble, providing in-place case conversion not just for various text editors but also for other applications.

Supports a plethora of application types, both desktop and web-based 

The utmost advantage of the AnyCase App is probably its extended compatibility with multiple software programs from a variety of categories, including browsers, content management systems, messaging applications, office tools of all types (text editors, presentation software, spreadsheet tools, etc), email clients, design and photo manipulation and editing applications, PDF readers and marketing tools.

Furthermore, this list expands to social media applications and web-based services. In essence, AnyCase App can change the capitalization of text in both desktop applications and their web-based counterparts.

Change the case of a text using a convenient right-click menu 

Once AnyCase App is installed, you have to keep it running to maintain its right-click menu active. By default, you must press the CTRL-right-click button combination to open the menu of AnyCase (this hotkey can be customized in the program’s settings). This menu contains the available options to change the capitalization style.

AnyCase App can convert from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, to title case, sentence case and even with alternating caps. As it is compliant with the Unicode standard, the application comes with support for multiple languages and, what is more, it can recognize diacritical letters, ligatures, and digraphs.

There are additional text manipulation options in the right-click menu of the AnyCase App. The magic paste tool can be helpful in situations when a filed refuses to paste text in the clipboard. You can also use AnyCase App to count the words in a selected text or remove any double spaces.

A handy tool for changing the capitalization of a text 

AnyCase App provides a quick means of converting the case of a text without retyping it. The cool thing about it is that it supports a diverse range of applications, including web-based applications opened in any of the supported browsers. With its help, case conversion takes just a few clicks.

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