Microsoft brings new ‘Suggested Actions’ feature to Windows 11 Insiders in the Beta Channel

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is rolling out new Windows 11 preview builds in the Beta Channel.
  • There’s two builds, 22621 and 22622 which differ slightly.
  • 22621 has fixes but new features disabled, 22622 has fixes and new features.

It’s time for more Windows 11 preview builds, though today’s ones are a little confusing. Microsoft is rolling out TWO new preview builds for Insiders in the Beta Channel, build 22621 and 22622 with are both very similar, but slightly different in key ways. Microsoft is testing the rollout of new features in build 22622, but is only rolling out fixes in build 22621.

Build 22622 is an artificial build that’s delivered via an enablement package, similar to the last several Windows 10 feature updates. 22622 sits on top of 22621, but has a number of additional features enabled that aren’t available to users running 22621. Microsoft says it’s doing this to test the enablement package experience on Windows 11.

Suggested Actions

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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