Samsung’s SmartThings may soon get control of thousands more devices

We, as tech enthusiasts, are drawn to everything smart: smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart home gadgets. And for those of us who want their homes to be like a house from a science fiction movie, well, soon you might be one step closer to fulfilling your dream.

According to a new report from ETNews (via SamMobile), SmartThings — Samsung‘s app that enables you to control various smart home appliances — may soon be able to control even more devices. And by saying even more, we mean a lot, lot more.

The rumors say that during the IFA 2022 event — which will be held in Berlin on September 2 — Samsung will demonstrate a new technology that will give SmartThings the ability to control more of the smart appliances made by all companies in the HCA (Home Connectivity Alliance). This means that when Samsung decides to make this SmartThings ability public — probably via an update — you will be able to control thousands of additional devices through one platform directly from your iPhone, Android phone, or PC.Furthermore, since SmartThings supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you will probably be able to operate these devices with your voice as well, just like Starfleet officers in Star Trek. Although you won’t be able to tell the computer in your home to replicate you a Latte — since we are not there yet in our technological advancement — you may be able to tell Alexa to customize your drink preferences like volume and strength on your all new GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine and, after that, to turn down the heat on your Haier Electric Range.

The HCA is a group of 11 manufacturers united with the idea of helping you build a secure and “interoperable connected home ecosystem” by creating connected appliances that easily work together. The alliance was announced at this year’s CES event, and some of the companies that are part of it are Samsung, The American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, The Electrolux Group, Haier, and GE Appliances.

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