Download Numpy (Numerical Python) 1.23.1

Numpy, also known as Numerical Python, is a library intended for scientific computing. It encases a variety of array and derived objects, including matrices and arrays, as well as a collection of routines that achieve the completion of operations in a fast manner.

Numpy can help in a variety of domains related to mathematics, such as linear algebra, Fourier transformations, statistics, simulations, to name just a few. High performance is ensured by the ndarray object, which is the core of the package, arranging for rapid compilation.

The library adds array support to Python, as a data structure fit for numerical-related endeavors. Unlike Python lists, these arrays are assigned a fixed size from the start and can only contain data of the same type.

Thanks to its approach and the properties of its data structures, Numpy facilitates working with large data sets, allowing the programmer to perform mathematical-related operations in fewer lines of code and, therefore, more efficiently. For instance, it can ease working with matrices in Python or finding eigenvectors.

Numpy provides support for many versions of Python and is an open-source project, which means use inside commercial environments is permitted. The library can be modified through its source code to further enhance functionality.

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