Download Refined GitHub for Firefox 22.7.11

Avid GitHub aficionados, keen developers or even more casual users will, at least at some point, crave for a more “tuned” experience, at least in terms of features and efficiency. Dedicated browser extensions, such as Refined GitHub for Firefox and its Chrome counterpart offer all of the standard GitHub features, all into a single, centralized package. Not only that but also provide several extra options, which are meant at making developers’ lives much easier when working hard on their repository and releases.

Straightforward deployment and instant access to your GitHub login and repository

Although the demeanor of working with GitHub can sometimes be quite meandering and complex, this is surely not the case with this extension. Featuring a simple installation process, which doesn’t require any special steps, it’s ready to work in no time.

Clicking the extension’s icon will prompt the GitHub login screen, or, if users are already in a session, their respective repository. For the untrained eye, the “refined” GitHub might not be all that different, but the essence of the changes lies in the details, which we will cover next.

Subtle changes from the standard GitHub functionality, which can make a world of difference, even for the non-initiated

This successful attempt at optimizing GitHub experience and handling results in users having the ability to tweak the way they interact with the platform, the way contents are being displayed, formatting, or even mark issues or pull requests as unread. Furthermore, just like its Chrome counterpart, the extension adds a useful “Releases” tab for all the repositories and provides quick editing through a dedicated button.

User avatars will be available in “Reactions” and one can even perform repositories comparisons, thanks to the on-screen, “Compare” feature. In terms of formatting, differences can now be visualized without the annoying whitespace changes and even the news feed automatically expands when users scroll down. These few changes are just some of the many, which are presented on the extension’s page.

Enhance your GitHub interaction and overall experience with this handy Firefox extension

When efficiency is important for GitHub users who prefer to run their business on Firefox, this extension can prove really valuable. Taking the most essential features and expanding them with even more functionality, it manages to overcome some of the most common issues users keep struggling with, and yields an improved, effective and fun GitHub experience.

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