Download SQL Reporter

Managing database environments can take multiple forms and directions, and although most of the time DBMSs are the preferred way as far as both management and maintenance are concerned, database reports are another valuable tool. Valuable insights can be obtained by analyzing the query response present in database reporting, therefore making such an approach quite useful.

SQL Reporter, just as its name aptly depicts, will provide users with the means to preview database schema, objects, and their characteristics, as well run pre-defined and customizable queries, for both SQL Server, as well as MySQL database environments.

Users must note that in order to use the app, they must first configure their ODBC profile, and the developer was kind enough to provide a tutorial for that here. Users will be able to access a series of pre-defined queries, as well as construct their own.

The application will display the available database properties, as well as the schema, using a collapsible items’ view, which maintains the internal hierarchy and allows users to explore the contained objects in a structured manner. The relationships between the internal objects are also displayed, and users will be able to export the resulting reports to Excel-compatible formats.

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