Interested in Elgato’s Stream Deck Prime Day deal? Try these alternatives instead

I dabble a bit in streaming and content creation. I understand the appeal of an Elgato Stream Deck. For such a simple device, it offers a lot of functionality. Being able to switch easily between scenes while you’re streaming or record a clip of your gameplay without pausing what you’re doing can be a huge time saver. 

Plus, Elgato devices are usually quite expensive and tend not to go on sale very much. As one of the leading brands covering streaming gear, it can afford that luxury. Unfortunately the rest of us can’t afford the stuff. So when you see something like the Elgato Stream Deck going on sale for $99.99 for Prime Day (opens in new tab), it might pique your interest. It’s a good deal considering it normally sells for $130 or more, and the newer version sells almost exclusively at $150. I wouldn’t fault you for grabbing it, but I do have another possibility for you to consider.

Find other ways to do Stream Deck things

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