Vampire Survivors to get free update with new Achievements, secret, and stage

What you need to know

  • Vampire Survivors is an epic action indie game that has achieved a lot of popularity on Xbox and PC.
  • On Nov. 24, 2022, Vampire Survivors developer Poncle is releasing a free content update for all platforms.
  • The update will add two Achievements, a challenge stage, a power-up, and even a new secret for players to discover.

One of the surprise successes of the year has been Vampire Survivors, a deceptively simple single-stick action game from indie developer Poncle. Vampire Survivors is renowned for its aggressively addictive gameplay pitting players against endless hordes of diverse enemies, and it’s about to get a little more content thanks to a free update.

According to Poncle, Vampire Survivors is getting a free content update on Nov. 24, 2022 for all players on Xbox and PC. The update brings the game from its just-completed 1.0 release to 1.1, and is a self-proclaimed tiny update with just a handful of new features. Still, Vampire Survivors completionists (like myself) will undoubtedly be interested in what’s in store with the update.

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