Super Bowl commercials 2023 live blog: Don’t miss the best trailers and ads


Did you know there’s a Dungeons and Dragons movie? Well, you will after the Super Bowl, as the above big game spot features a ton of action, with Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez.

Are you making wings this Super Bowl Sunday? Before the big game begins, I’ll be taking a moment to make my own in my Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Here’s my secret: a dry rub with flour and spice on wings you’ve let dry in paper towels before the air frying. Then, air-fry each side for 10 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit, mix with your hot-sauce (mix 1 tbsp of Frank’s and 1 tbsp of unsalted butter per pound of wings in a pan, don’t let it brown).

If last year was crypto’s Super Bowl, this year could be Adam Driver’s Super Bowl. The above Squarespace ad — which, like many other ads we’ll talk about, is barely about the company whose ad it is, or product they’re promoting — answers a question many an Adam Driver fan may have been asking for years: “What if there was a commercial produced by an army of Adam Drivers?” 

The answer, of course, is funny. Expect to see more of Mr. Driver in a trailer for 65, which we’ll talk about soon.

We also need to talk about the really weird thing that M&M’s — or as they’re calling themselves right now, Ma&Ya’s — is doing. After an odd backlash to the candy-shell covered characters, M&M’s claimed to be rebranding and giving the spokesperson gig to beloved actor Maya Rudolph. And if anyone actually believed this, I have one word for you: clams.

Hello folks, I’m Henry T. Casey (managing editor of streaming and entertainment here at Tom’s Guide) and I’m here to make sure you see every Super Bowl commercial worth seeing today. The good news is that some ads are already out, as are … trailers for commercials. Funny as that concept is, we actually have a humorous one to share: Crown Royal’s preview for its big game spot starring Dave Grohl. He’s listing off a series of terms, and it’s utterly entertaining.

And, spoiler, we already know what these terms have in common, because of the final trailer that’s also been released. We won’t spoil it, but we’re sure this might send you down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Oh, and before we get locked in, a bit of a helping hand for actually watching all the ads (and that game and Rihanna concert). We’ve got everything you’ll need to watch the Super Bowl on Roku, which we’re guessing is how many will watch the game. We rank the company as the best streaming device, and at least a couple of runners-up as well. 

The big meta-story about the Super Bowl 2023 commercials, though, is going to be what we don’t see. The 2022 Super Bowl commercials had a ton of crypto ads, but don’t expect that. It’s not a huge shock considering the bad year that crypto currency has had, but we’re very happy to hear that Fox has banned crypto ads.

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