Your iPhone is getting 21 new emoji with iOS 16.4 — here’s all the new options

The iOS 16.4 beta is out, at least for developers at the moment. And the big addition to iOS 16 this time around appears to be new emoji.

All told, the first iOS 16.4 beta features 21 emoji — 31 if you count the skin tone variations for what looks like a new “talk to the hand” gesture emoji. And they include a mixture of hearts, animals, food items and other graphics to pepper into your iMessages, emails and other communications.

Of particular note is a new Pink Heart emoji, which Emojipedia (opens in new tab) says was an oft-requested addition. It’ll be joined by light blue and gray hearts as well.

iOS 16.4 emoji

(Image credit: Apple)

There’s one Smiley emoji in the mix — a vibrating head that I guess could be used to denote great mental distress or over-the-top reactions to shocking news. Animals seem to be the dominant theme, with emojis for a moose, goose, and donkey appearing, along with several food items like pea pod and ginger.

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