Starlink offers internet anywhere in the world with Global Roaming plan



  • Starlink is testing a $200 per month global roaming internet service.
  • It promises internet anywhere on land in the world.

SpaceX-owned company Starlink appears to be testing a new “Global Roaming Service” which promises internet anywhere on land in the world. According to a message received by Starlink users, the company says it’ll cost $200 per month in addition to a Starlink starter kit that costs $599.

Global Roaming Makes use of Starlink’s inter-satellite links to provide connectivity in the entire world, the company wrote in its email to users. “You can expect Starlink’s typical high-speed, low-latency service intermixed with brief periods of poor connectivity, or none at all,” reads the company’s email.

The Verge notes it’s unclear how Starlink plans to provide connectivity all over the world, given it still faces regulatory hurdles in countries like Inida, Pakistan, and more. Meanwhile, its services are completely unavailable in many regions.

That said, PCMag reports Starlink is providing internet access in some countries outside its coverage area. Some people on the waiting list for the service were invited to be a part of the new Global Roaming trial.

One such prospective Starlink customer told the publication: “I believe that’s a way for Starlink to get people to use the service worldwide, without having to fight with (government) approval.”

It’s possible the company has some way of circumventing approvals from countries with the new Global Roaming plan. However, there’s no official confirmation of the same just yet. We’ll have to wait for Starlink to share more details about its new service to know more about its capabilities and limitations.

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