Deal: Become a cyber security developer for just $69.99

The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer and IT Skills Bundle

With the prospect of AI replacing many jobs, you might have considered switching careers to something more future-proof. In-person training courses can be expensive, but the Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer and IT Skills Bundle is all you need to launch yourself into a new profession in tech.

The collective retail value of all the training kits in the bundle comes to well over $7,000, but the Tech Deals President’s Day sale gives you the chance to get lifetime access for just $69.99 (99% off).

That retail value of the bundle might sound fanciful, but the extent of the training therein is unrivaled. There are over 400 hours of guidance across 26 disciplines of cyber security and IT, from Cisco and Python to Microsoft Azure and CompTIA. There are even two whole training kits dedicated to the art of ethical hacking.

The vast range of topics gives you a holistic set of new IT competencies, as well as allowing you to zero in on the area of cyber security that most appeals to you. Whether you’re keen to get into network security, pen testing, hacking, system administration, or some other discipline, you’ll find the training here.

This price is only valid during the President’s Day weekend, so you don’t have long to snap it up. Hit the widget below to check it out for yourself.

Cyber Security Developer FAQs

According to ZipRecruiter, the majority of cyber security developer salaries currently range between $100,500 and $143,000.

While many cyber security roles do not require you to be a coding expert, it is a valuable skill to have in the industry. There is a plethora of relevant coding training in this bundle.

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