Wild Hearts: Full list of monsters and kemono, with strategy guides and tips

The once-peaceful land of Azuma is in danger, as terrifying creatures known as the Kemono are threatening to destroy it. These territorial beasts possess the power to control nature and reshape the world around them. They grow tree roots to erupt from the ground, summon forth raging blizzards, engulf regions in fire, and other unnatural disasters.

As a hunter, it is your duty to hunt the Kemono and put them down before they cause anymore damage to the land. To help you accomplish this task, we have put together a list of all the Kemono you will be facing in Wild Hearts. We will also frequently update this list whenever new Kemono are discovered or added into the game through post-launch title updates. Despite some outstanding performance issues, Wild Hearts could eventually shape up to be one of this year’s best PC games and best Xbox games with further optimizations. If you’re ready to jump in and want some tips, say no more. 

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