How to complete the Solved by the Bell map puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with fun sidequests and dungeons for players to explore. Later on in your wizarding-world adventures, you can come upon a quest titled, “Solved by the Bell,” which involves finding a Music Map and then using it to solve a bell puzzle in another location. It can be kind of tricky knowing how to read the map. Plus, finding it in the first place isn’t straightforward. 

I’ll go over where to get the Music Map in Hogwarts Legacy and then lead into how to complete the Solved by the Bell quest. It’s the many fun sidequests that help make this one of the best PC games and best Xbox games out there.  

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get The Solved By the Bell quest

(Image credit: Windows Central)

You need the Music Map in order to unlock this Hogwarts Legacy sidequest. It’s located in Henrietta’s Hideaway, which is on the bottom tip of the Manor Cape under the ruins. 

(Image credit: Windows Central)

To get to this map you need to enter Henrietta’s Hideaway, which is accessed by going down the stairs on the southern side of the ruins and going through the double doors. 

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