12 Best Desk Accessories For Your Workplace

An ergonomic desk is probably the first and most important step into the world of a relaxing yet highly productive work environment. But getting there is a very tedious task as you will have to carefully manage each and every aspect of your desk setup and get some handy desk accessories to arrange and organize your desk peripherals with ease.

However, you might find it difficult to decide which desk accessories you want since there are a lot of options for that along with a variety of choices for each desk accessory. Before you choose one, make sure you consider the following aspects.

  • Importance of the Accessory: As you may already know, there are hundreds of desk accessories present in the market that you can install on your desk for various reasons. However, not all accessories are utterly important and some are more of an aesthetic upgrade with no real use. Thus, you should carefully choose what kind of desk accessories you need and how important they are for your setup.
  • Design and Color: Another important factor for a desk accessory is its design and looks. Even if the accessory offers you handy useability, it should also match the theme of your desk setup. On top of that, you will have to consider its overall build quality which you can check by verifying the material used for its construction.
  • Size: The size of a desk accessory is also an important factor since it deals with the installation of the unit and whether it will fit on your desk or not. There are a few desk accessories that offer a lot of ease in terms of organizing your desk, but they also acquire a large space themselves, making the desk more cluttered as a result. So, make sure you check the size of the desk accessory you are buying and ensure if it’s suitable for your desk.

If you are not sure what type of desk accessories you want or which options are the most beneficial for you, worry not. Today, we are bringing you a selection of the best desk accessories we could find in the market and offering them right here at your fingertips. We also have a “Buying Guide” for the best desk accessories present right after our picks to offer you detailed information about the important characteristics of such accessories.

Best Desk Accessories 2023

Top 12 Desk Accessories Reviews

1. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Irrespective of what type of desk you have, you must have a smartphone that you usually keep on your desk. For that, we have included the following smartphone stand on our list designed by Lamicall.

In the 1st position, we are enlisting one of the most essential accessories that most users probably need. This is a smartphone stand made by Lamicall. The Lamicall Cell Phone Stand has a universal design that is suitable for all popular smartphones in the market such as iPhone 6 to 12 and even all other popular devices. And since this is a silver stand, it can be a suitable option for most options. But if you are looking for other color options, you will find 6 total color options for this stand.

But before you buy the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, make sure that your smartphone lies between 4 to 8 inches in size margin. As for the build quality, the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy that offers a completely scratch-free surface. As for your smartphone, it has rubber non-slip pads to securely hold the smartphone in its place. You will also find a hole at the back of the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand that lets you easily manage the charging cable through the stand for easy cable management.

Best Features

  • Made by Lamicall
  • Smartphone stand for desk
  • Made up of High-quality aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic smartphone stand


  • Designed for 4 to 8 inches smartphone
  • Scratch-free surface
  • Rubber pads to hold the phone in place


  • Not suitable for smartphones larger than 8 inches

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2. Simple Houseware Mesh Desk Organizer

A lot of office desk users find themselves wasting hours at a time looking for a particular document or a folder on their desk. To keep your documents perfectly organized, you will need something like a desk organizer made by SimpleHouseware.

Our 2nd choice for the best desk accessories is the SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer. This is a highly compact desk organizer that has a footprint of 13.25 x 13 x 9 inches. It also comes with a 3 compartment drawer along with the five 2 inches of vertical compartments on top of it. In the middle, you will also notice an additional space to keep thicker objects like a notebook or other accessories.

Since it is a high-quality option, it is made up of alloy steel. And as for its looks, it features the standard black mesh design which you will see on almost all official desks. The SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer has a free-standing design so you won’t have to make any additional arrangements to install the unit. You can simply place the thing on your desk and it is ready to use.

Best Features

  • Made by Simple Houseware
  • Desk organizer for official desk
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Compact design


  • Offers five 2 inches compartments
  • It also has a drawer
  • Made up of sturdy material


  • Drawer compartments are small

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3. EURPMASK PC Gaming Headset Hook Holder

EURPMASK Desk Accessories

Any professional gamer can tell you the importance of a dedicated headset stand. If you don’t have one, the following headset hook holder can be the perfect option for your gaming set.

Our 3rd pick for the best desk accessories is the PC Gaming Headset Headphone. Without a dedicated headset stand, you will have to keep your headset on the desk or on your monitor, both of which aren’t ideal places for a headphone. But, the PC Gaming Headset Headphone can be a great option since it can be installed directly on your desk with an extended hook to hold your headphone.

As for its design, you will notice a small clip on the side of the PC Gaming Headset Headphone provided to put your headphone cable. Even if you have a premium-range heavy headphone, you don’t have to worry since this headset hook can hold up to 1 kg weight without any problem. It also has a universal design with up to 37 mm thick table support. Even if you have a narrow table, you shouldn’t worry since it can be used with a table as slim as 7 mm in thickness.

Best Features

  • Made by EURPMASK
  • Headset hook holder for desk
  • Rotating adjustable headphone arm
  • Built-in cable loop


  • Soft rubber pads to prevent headphone damage
  • Allows adjustment
  • Suitable for 7 to 37 mm thick tables


  • Not an essential accessory for office desks

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4. Blue Key 6 Pack World Cable Clips

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

If you are looking at a lot of cables tangled with each other on your desk, you probably need the next product on our list from Blue Key World. This brand specializes in various cable management tools designed for a desk.

The Blue Key World Cable Clips is one of the best options for cord organizers present in the market. These are handy little cable organizers that can be placed anywhere you want on the desk. Plus, you will get 6 cable clips in a pack, which is probably more than what you need for a basic desktop setup. And since they have an adhesive layer on the back, it is also pretty easy to install.

The Blue Key World Cable Clips are made up of certified plastic so that you will get a long-lasting build quality on these clips. And they can be stuck to any surface. So whether you have a plastic, wood, or glass desk, you can use the Blue Key World Cable Clips. The top of the Blue Key World Cable Clips features a unique design that can securely fit any type of cables such as headphones, chargers, power cords, HDMI cables, or any other cable you may have lying around your desk.

Best Features

  • Made by Blue Key World
  • World Cable Clips for desk
  • Made up of certified plastic
  • Small clips


  • 6 clips are available in the set
  • Long-lasting build quality with a certified plastic
  • Easy to use


  • One clip can only hold one cable at a time

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5. Made Smart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack

Made Smart Desk Accessories

Apart from your desk, you will also have to organize the drawers that you may have on your desk. For that, there are a few special types of accessories designed by brands like madesmart that you will definitely find helpful down the line.

The madesmart Interlocking Bin Pack is yet another multi-accessory pack available on our list. This is a set of 8 uniquely designed pieces that you can install in any drawer to allow quick and easy organization of the drawer. And to match the theme of most desks, it has a granite color. However, this is a highly versatile accessory that can also be used for your kitchen drawer.

Since there are 8 pieces included in the set, you can choose how many units you want to use with your drawer. The bins also have an interlocking feature that allows you to customize your setup as per your needs and the contents of your desk. But, it is still quite a cheap option compared to other desk accessories you will find on the market.

Best Features

  • Made by Made Smart
  • Desk Drawer Organizer for desk
  • Made up of plastic
  • Customizable desk accessory


  • Granite color
  • Interlocking option for custom designs
  • 8 pieces in the set


  • A few pieces of the set are too small

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6. Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Dooke Desk Accessories

Every optical mouse in the world needs a mousepad for efficient functioning, whether you have a premium-gaming mouse or a basic office mouse. Thus, we are putting some decent options for a mouse pad on our list such as this one made by Dooke.

Up next, we are putting yet another important desk accessory for a desk. The Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad is a beautiful yet ergonomic mouse pad that also has dedicated wrist support. This mouse pad is about 9.4 x 8.3 inches in size, making it a suitable choice for basic desks. However, the overall quality of the mouse pad is pretty good for the price. It is made up of rubber for a smooth surface whereas the wrist support has memory foam.

The memory foam of the Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad manages to take the shape of your wrist when you start using it, making it personally comfortable for you. Overall, the material of the Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad is soft, smooth, and breathable material made of completely non-toxic materials. And on the back, the Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad has an anti-slip Pu base so that you can easily move the mouse pad if needed,

Best Features

  • Made by DOOKE
  • Mouse Pad for desk
  • Made up of Rubber
  • Wrist support has memory foam


  • Compact option for a mouse pad
  • Reinforced edges to maintain the surface
  • Anti-slip Pu base


  • Size is not suitable for a gaming setup

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7. Baskiss 3 Packs Wire Cord Holder

Baskiss Desk Accessories

If you didn’t find our last solution for cable management suitable for your needs, you will definitely find our next choice from Baskiss suitable for your needs. This is also a type of cable clip that is suitable for setups that have a lot of cables.

Up next, we have the Baskiss Cable Clip set that offers a set of 3 cord management clips with 3, 5, and 7 slots respectively. These are basic silicon adhesive hooks that can hold all types of desk cables like connecting cords, mouse and keyboard cables, HDMI cables, speaker wires, or any other type of similar cable.

As for the quality, the Baskiss Cable Clip set is made up of durable silicon material instead of plastic, offering a much more premium build quality along with the looks and feel. The sticky surface on the back of the Baskiss Cable Clips can be used with any material like wood, plastic, glass, etc. And since the design allows you to handle the cables in a horizontal setup, you can easily connect various devices to the cables without any problem.

Best Features

  • Made by Baskiss
  • Cord Management Hooks for desk
  • Made up of polycarbonate
  • Made up of solid silicon material


  • Highly effective adhesive set
  • Measures only 3.54 x 0.63 x 6.3 inches
  • Set of 3 different cable clip sets


  • Not an essential accessory for basic desk setups

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8. Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

Aothia Desk Accessories

For gaming setups, the following desk mat made by Aothia is the perfect option. It is a large desk pad that can cover your entire desk, offering a protective layer for your mouse, keyboard, and all other desk accessories.

The Aothia Leather Desk Pad is one of the larger options you can find in the market right now. This desk pad measures around 31.5″ x 15.7″ in size, offering complete coverage for all desk sizes. And there are about 16 different color options available for the Aothia Leather Desk Pad so that you can choose the best option according to your theme.

The Aothia Leather Desk Pad is also a multi-functional accessory that doubles the functionality as a large mouse pad thanks to the faux leather material surface. This is a non-slip surface that is ideal for an optical mouse, whether you have a basic mouse or a professional gaming unit. The Aothia Leather Desk Pad is also waterproof which prevents the absorption of liquid material on the surface, making it very easy to clean.

Best Features

  • Made by Aothia
  • Leather Desk Pad Protector for desk
  • Made up of Faux Leather
  • Non-slip surface that doubles the functionality as a mouse pad


  • 16 different color options are available
  • Large desk pad
  • Comes with a year of warranty


  • Not suitable for small-sized desks

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9. Kikkerland Potted Pen Stand (SC24)

Kikkerland Desk Accessories

Apart from functioning accessories, you should also look for some aesthetic accessories that will make your setup look much more attractive. But, you can also go for an accessory that offers functionality along with a decent look like the one designed by Kikkerland.

So far, you have seen a lot of desk accessories that offer tons of functionality along with great ergonomic aspects. But, a lot of these accessories are lacking in terms of looks and design. The Kikkerland Potted Pen Stand on the other hand combines the functionality of both, a luxurious-looking accessory and a highly useful stand that almost everyone will use.

The Kikkerland Potted Pen Stand has potted faux grass that looks almost like real grass, making the unit even more attractive. The Kikkerland Potted Pen Stand can be used to store your pens, pencils, or any other similar items that can be quickly accessed while you are working to increase the productivity of your setup.

Best Features

  • Made by Kikkerland
  • Potted Pen Stand for desk
  • Measures about 3.75 x 3.75 x 4.25 inches in size
  • Multi-functional desk accessory


  • Offers a great design and looks
  • Suitable for both personal and official desks
  • It is about 4.7 inches in height


  • Quite an expensive desk accessory for the given functionality

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10. VEDETT Office Desk Organizer

VEDETT Dsk Accessories

Since desk organizers are so famous, we are going to introduce you to a couple more options that you can use with your desk right now. Out of which, the following option from VEDETT is one of the best options for compact desks.

The VEDETT Office Desk Organizer is one of the best options we could find in the market for a desk organizer. This is a simple yet intuitive desk organizer offering a lot of storage space despite the compact footprint. This desk organizer measures about 8.66 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches in size. But, you will find 6 compartments on the top of the organizer with a dedicated pen holder included in the set. In the bottom section, there is a compact drawer to put your essential items reach.

Apart from the storage space to store your desk essentials, the VEDETT Office Desk Organizer also ships with about 72 desktop accessories to help you with your work on a daily basis. The set includes 7 large binders, 15 small binders, 20 pins, and 30 paper clips for a complete package. It also has a very creative design with the standard black mesh, offering a traditional office look.

Best Features

  • Made by VEDETT
  • Office Desk Organizer for desk
  • Made up of Metal
  • Features many compartments despite the small size


  • Measures about 8.66 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches in size
  • Creative design
  • Ships with 72 desktop accessories


  • Not a great pick for home desks

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11. KovoTech Ergonomic Laptop Stand

KovoTech Desk Accessories

A lot of desktop computer owners also own a laptop to ensure working reliability on the go. But if you want to use your laptop on your desk, you should have a decent laptop stand like the one designed by KovoTech.

The KovoTech Laptop Stand is one of the finest desk accessories you can find on the market if you are looking for something for your laptop. This is a highly-durable laptop stand with adjustable height so that you can adjust the viewing angle of your laptop as per your requirement. As for the horizontal space, the KovoTech Laptop Stand covers 10 to 15.6 inches laptops, ensuring compatibility for all standard laptops on the market.

The KovoTech Laptop Stand is one of the premium options in the market. But, you also get a durable build quality on this unit, assuring long-lasting design integrity. This laptop stand is made up of an aluminum alloy which is probably the best material for such an accessory since it is free from problems like corrosion along with great structural strength. There are 4 color options available for the KovoTech Laptop Stand so that there is a suitable choice for everyone.

Best Features

  • Made by KovoTech
  • Laptop Stand for desk
  • Made up of ‎Aluminum Alloy
  • Suitable for 10 to 15.6 inches laptops


  • Made up of aluminum alloy
  • Laptop stand has adjustable height
  • Hollow design for heat dissipation


  • Not necessary unless you have a laptop

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12. Marbrasse 3 Tier Mesh Desk Organizer

Marbrasse Desk Accessories

In the end, we are bringing but one more highly ergonomic desk organizer that you can fit on your desk. This is a 3-tier desk organizer which is ideal for study tables as well as official productivity-based desk setups.

Last but not the least, we have the Marbrasse 3-Tier Mesh Desk Organizer. Similar to our last picks, this also has a back mesh design which a lot of users prefer for desk setups. Since this is a 3-tier desk organizer, you will find 2 drawers on this desk organizer. Thus, all of your desks can be stored safely on the organizer.

Apart from the drawers, the Marbrasse 3 Tier Mesh Desk Organizer also has 2 pen stands that can store about 15 pens or pencils each. And since it is made up of durable alloy material, it features a weight capacity of about 30 lbs. Marbrasse is also offering a 100-day risk-free purchase option for their users, ensuring a money-back guarantee if you don’t find the product useful.

Best Features

  • Made by Marbrasse
  • 3 Tier Mesh Desk Organizer for desk
  • Made up of Metal Mesh
  • Comes with a 100-day return


  • Multi-purpose desk organizer
  • Offers a weight capacity of 30 lbs
  • Perfect for official use


  • Other options offer more compartments and storage space

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Buying Guide For The Best Desk Accessories

Today, we have looked at some of the finest options for desk accessories. Since we have included a versatile list of the best desk accessories, you will find a variety of options right here which will offer you a path to an organized and highly ergonomic desk setup once you finish setting up the accessories on your desk.

However, it might be a little difficult to choose the perfect desk accessories for someone who has just set up a desk and has little to no experience in desk ergonomics. For those users, we are bringing this ultimately helpful buying guide for the best desk accessories. In this guide, we will talk about the features that you should check before you buy the accessory. And since we have already offered you a wide range of options, the following guide will be a perfect reference to select the best accessories from our picks.

1. Material

The most important factor for a desk accessory has to be the material it’s made up of. Even if you get the best-looking set up for your desk, the accessories won’t last a long time if they are not built with reliable material. However, the suitable material range changes for each and every accessory designed for a desk.

For example, if you are getting a laptop stand or a smartphone holder, you should make sure that you are buying one that is made up of metal. But, other smaller accessories like headphone stands or cable organizers can be made up of plastic and it would change your experience. You can also check if the material used for the accessory is right for its price range. To put it simply, you should not buy a desk accessory that is responsible for expensive peripherals such as a laptop without verifying its build quality.

2. Type of Desk Accessory

Since desk accessories are a separate category of products designed for desks, there is a lot of variety available in the market when it comes to these accessories. There are dedicated stands, attachments, desk additions, and even protective layers that you can install on your desk to get the best productivity and performance.

So, you will definitely have a wide range of options to choose from while you are picking up the best desk accessories for your desk. But, you should also consider the fact that not all desk accessories are going to be essential for your setup. For example, if you don’t have a laptop or headphones there is no point in buying a laptop or headphone stand for your desk setup. While you can always get some additional accessories for future use, you can also prefer the important units right now and save the ones for later if needed.

If you work with a lot of physical documents, we will suggest you prefer a mesh desk organizer for your desk as well as a drawer organizer set to organize your stationery. On the other hand, gaming desk setup owners should prefer cable organizers, smartphones, laptops, and headphone stands, and a large mouse pad to offer a wider area for mouse movement.

3. Color and Design

There is usually a theme to every desk setup, whether it is a solid color or a reference to one’s favorite movie or TV show. And if you also have a desk setup like that, you should make sure that you’re buying the right accessories for your desk which suit your theme well. Usually, desk accessories manufacturers offer a wide range of color options so that everyone can find a perfect option as per their needs.

You will also find many such options on our list of the best desk accessories with multiple color options. Even if the color of a certain desk accessory does not play an important role in its functionality, it certainly has an effect in terms of aesthetics. And if you end up with a good-looking desk setup, your productivity will surely increase while you are working from home.

Thus, make sure you also check the color and design of the desk accessory you are buying to get the best option under your budget. As for the design, you should check if the product is made up of durable material or not. Also, make sure that the design of organizing desk accessories offers quick access to your documents and essentials.

4. Size and Fit

Lastly, you should check if the desk accessory you are looking at is the right pick for your desk or not. As you may already know, there are many different types of desks and not all accessories are a suitable choice for every desk. For example, if you are buying a monitor arm or a headphone stand with a springed C clamp, it can only be installed on desks that have an extended edge offering a position to attach the C clamp.

Apart from the installation type, you should also check if the desk accessory is the right fit in terms of size. Even if the accessory you are choosing has to be simply placed on the desk, it can be really problematic if its size covers half of your desk. Usually, you may already have a desktop computer or a laptop set up on your desk.

And if you are putting a large accessory such as a 6 compartment desk organizer, you will have little to no room left on your desk to add more accessories or to simply move your mouse around freely. Therefore, you should check the dimensions of any desk accessory you are buying and make sure that it fits your desk size well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of desk accessories should I prefer?

Ans: First and foremost, you should consider what type of desk setup you have and how you use your setup. For a productivity-focused desk setup, you will need a few desk accessories such as a document organizer or drawer organizer. These accessories will help you to organize your setup with the best efficiency and allow you to quickly access the tools and stationery that you need without spending much time looking for them. On the other hand, if you want accessories for a basic desk that you use for reading or studying you should get a decent lamp and aesthetic accessories for your desk.

2. Are there any good desk accessories under an affordable budget?

Ans: There are a lot of great desk accessories available in the market, even if you are looking for one under an affordable budget range. Unlike before, there are a lot of brands present in the market that manufacture these desk accessories. And to compete in the market, a lot of brands choose to offer these units in an affordable price range. Today, you will find a lot of budget accessories present on our list of the best desk accessories as well. So, you won’t have to browse the market anymore for budget desk accessories.

3.  Which desk accessories are essential for a gaming setup?

Ans: When it comes to a powerful desktop gaming setup, there are a lot of additional components in the setup which you won’t see on a basic computer build. And with the added components, there come additional cables, cluttering the desk space completely. For a perfect gaming desk, you will need a decent monitor arm so that the monitor stand of your display won’t take up space on your desk. Apart from that, you should also have a couple of cable management tools like cord organizers or USB cord hooks to ensure easy access to all cables.


Desk accessories are great peripherals that you will definitely need to grant your desk and ergonomic as well as aesthetic prospect. These accessories are specifically designed to hold and support desktop peripherals that you might be keeping on your desk right now.

There are also a few extra accessories that offer multiple functionalities like a desk cover which doubles the functionality as a mouse pad. Today, you will find the desk accessories available in the market listed right here. And to help you to choose the best options, we also have a buying guide for the best desk accessories present along with our selection. If you are still not sure where you should start, take a look at some decent options mentioned right here.

  • For basic cable management, the Baskiss 3 Packs Wire Cord Holder pack can be a great pick. This is a set of 3 cable clips, offering a slot for 3, 5, and 7 cables respectively. These slots are perfectly designed for usual cables that you will find around a desk such as data cable, headphone cable, mouse cable, ethernet cable, and a lot more. As for the installation, you won’t be needing any additional tools. These clips have an adhesive side on the back that allows you to securely place the Baskiss Cable Clips on your desk.
  • A desk pad protector is also a great desk accessory which makes the desk safer for other accessories like your keyboard and mouse. Thus, we are recommending the Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector added to our list. This desk pad is about 31.5″ x 15.7″ in size and is made up of PU leather for a non-slip and waterproof top surface. Since this is a non-slip surface, it also acts like a mouse pad for your mouse. Thus, it is also an essential accessory for gaming setups.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the VEDETT Office Desk Organizer which is necessary for the official application. On office desks, there are always a lot of documents spread all around the table that require organizing for quicker access. This organizer has 6 large compartments along with a dedicated pen holder. Thus, you can easily store up to 72 different desk peripherals on this unit. And since this is more of a vertical organizer, it has a footprint of 8.66 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches, making it a perfect option for compact desks too.

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