Best Steam Deck games 2023: 12 must-play classics

I’ve reviewed this list over the past few months, and I’m still confident that these 12 picks are my top recommendations for Steam Deck newcomers in 2023. Valve’s handheld console has seen tremendous success since its somewhat limited launch, and the portable PC gaming handheld is still restricted for some regions, including Australia. Playing high-end modern titles on the go might seem farfetched, but the plucky Steam Deck expands its library of verified games practically every day.

If you’re thinking of grabbing your own unit or are one of the proud owners looking for something new to play, we’ve gathered a roundup of the top choices this year. Every game on our list runs perfectly, as confirmed by Valve, so you won’t need to tinker with any intricate settings to enjoy our roundup of the best Steam Deck games.

Aperture Desk Job

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