Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to get Terminal Overload keys

In Destiny 2’s new Lightfall DLC, one of the best sources of gear in the Neomuna location is the Terminal Overload Public Event-style activity. While it’s generally pretty tough to complete since it involves fighting hordes of difficult Shadow Legion and Vex forces, doing so is an excellent way to get random rolls of Neomuna weapons from the activity’s final chest.

However, there’s a catch: you can’t actually open the chest unless you have a Terminal Overload key. Don’t worry, though, because in the guide below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about these items. This includes how to unlock them and how you can farm for them throughout Destiny 2: Lightfall afterwards.

How to unlock and get Terminal Overload keys

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Before you can unlock the ability to get Terminal Overload keys, you’ll need to complete Lightfall’s story campaign. You should be prompted to begin the campaign when you boot up Destiny 2 for the first time after purchasing Lightfall, but if you aren’t, you can manually start the campaign by selecting Neptune on the Director screen. Once you do this, a new quest called Welcome to the Hall of Heroes that you need to finish will become available in the location of the same name. The quest requires you to listen to some recorded messages in the Hall of Heroes, so it will only take you a few minutes.

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