Grab two of our favorite controllers in this 20% GameSir sale

GameSir is a favorite brand of ours at Windows Central, regularly featuring amongst the top of our Best Of list for Xbox cloud and console controllers. GameSir has recently stormed the market with its mobile cloud controllers and is currently offering 20% off some of its hardware on Amazon, making this a great time to try the brand if you’ve been on the fence. We run through our two best buys. 

GameSir X2 Pro Wireless Mobile Controller

GameSir X2 Pro

(Image credit: Windows Central)

The pro edition of GameSir’s mobile controller line-up is its best version yet for Xbox Cloud Gaming. With programmable buttons on the rear, and the ability to switch the magnetic buttons around, the GameSir X2 Pro is a customizable and versatile controller for gaming on the go. You can even customize the thumbsticks depending on your preference for convex or concave controls. At 20% this is an absolute steal. 

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