I-PEX and Teramount Announce Collaboration on Detachable Fiber Interconnect for Si Photonics

I-PEX, a leader in the field of high frequency and high speed transmission connectors, and Teramount Ltd, a leader in Si photonics fiber packaging, announced they are collaborating to advance Si photonics optical detachable connectivity for data centers and for other high speed datacom and telecom applications.

The ever-growing demand for high bandwidth, low power and low latency in networking and advanced computing applications has led to growing adoption of Si photonics, and for a continuous need to connect more and more optical fibers to Si chips. That connectivity needs to be reliable, reworkable, serviceable and cost-effective, which creates a huge challenge. The collaboration between I-PEX and Teramount will provide a breakthrough solution of detachable fiber to chip connectivity based on Teramount’s self-aligning optics technology and I-PEX’s ultra-precision plug and holder systems.

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