I really love HBO Max, but I don’t trust it — here’s why

When we named HBO Max the best streaming service, we did so with a great deal of confidence. And it kept that spot even after they stopped putting big movies (the likes of The Matrix Resurrections and The Suicide Squad) up online the same day they hit theaters, because HBO Max still offered the most consistent selection of high-quality TV shows. 

And yet, here I am, holding a copy of Max Original (still a weird and clunky branding) Station Eleven (one of the best HBO Max shows) on 4K Blu-ray. And I paid $40 on Amazon (opens in new tab) for it, out of my own pocket. Yes, I bought a copy of a TV show that’s currently available to stream on HBO Max, whenever I want. 

A hand holds a copy of HBO Max Original Station Eleven on 4K Blu-ray above plants.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey / Tom’s Guide)

On top of that, Station Eleven is a show that I probably won’t watch all the time, as it’s not what you’d call “comfort food TV” (more on that below). Yet, when I saw that it was available for sale online, I didn’t think twice, and hit pre-order.

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