Bing Chat limits raised once again, and this is only the beginning

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has increased the limit of chats per session and per day in Bing Chat.
  • The chatbot now supports eight chats in any given session and 120 chats per day.
  • In the future, Bing Chat will support more chats per session and per day.

Microsoft has increased the limits on Bing Chat once again. The chatbot now supports eight chats per session and a total of 120 chats per day. Previously the limit was six chats per session and 60 per day, and even that was an increase.

Bing Chat only launched in preview last month, and the AI-powered tool ran into issues when users had longer conversations with it. In some cases, the chatbot would get confused orĀ share rude responses. Microsoft placed drastic limits on Bing Chat, restricting users to five chats per session and 50 total chats per day. The company has gradually raised these restrictions.

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