Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.4 update now available with improved horse breeding

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.4 is a sizeable new patch update now rolling out to all Minecraft players on Windows PCs.
  • The update brings a plethora of changes and improvements to various features, accessibility, and creation.
  • Horse breeding is now a viable way to obtain better, faster horses, for example.
  • Potion colors have been tweaked to be more visible and distinguishable, as well.

The next patch update for Minecraft: Java Edition has been in the works for weeks, and it’s finally rolling out to all players of the legacy Minecraft on Windows PCs. Contained within the update are dozens of bug fixes, feature improvements, accessibility updates, and major changes tailored toward Minecraft creators.

Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.4 may not be the most exciting Minecraft update to ever come out of Mojang Studios, but there’s still a lot of good stuff here. For one, horse, donkey, and llama breeding has been tweaked so that babies acquire averaged attributes from the parents (rather than biased attributes toward the general averages), allowing players to selectively breed to slowly acquire better friendly mobs to help them on their adventures.

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