Web-based Outlook rolling out soon

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has been working on a unified Outlook that will work across PC and Mac.
  • This web-based Outlook has been available for Office Insiders since 2022, but it will roll out to other Current Channel users starting in April.
  • Personal accounts and Exchange Online accounts will be some of the first to gain access.
  • Additional account types will gain support for web-based Outlook later on. 

Back in 2021, Microsoft revealed that it would be making a new Outlook app for Windows and Mac that would be powered by the web. The idea being to evolve the already existing Outlook Web variants into a single personal information management system that can be used across PC and Mac — also known as “One Outlook.” 

This new unified Outlook has been available to Office Insiders as far back as May 2022. But now, it looks like Microsoft plans to start rolling it out to a wider audience starting early April (thanks, Petri). To be specific, access will first roll out to Current Channel users with personal Microsoft accounts and Exchange Online accounts. However, the web-based Outlook will not come to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

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