Destiny 2 Lightfall review: A return to mediocrity

Between its consistently enjoyable seasonal updates, engaging week-by-week story beats, and the excellence of 2022’s The Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2 had me feeling incredibly optimistic about its new Lightfall DLC and the future of the game as a whole. The Light and Darkness Saga that started all the way back in 2014 with the original Destiny has had both high highs and low lows, but going into Lightfall, it felt like developer Bungie had finally found its stride and would be able to capitalize on Destiny 2’s recent momentum with a satisfying and engaging penultimate expansion.

Now that Lightfall has come out and I’ve spent over two weeks engaging with everything it has to offer, though, it’s left me feeling heartbreaking disappointment — and also serious concern about what lies ahead in 2024 with The Final Shape. Between the expansion’s shockingly poor main story, lacking post-campaign quests, the lifelessness of its new location Neomuna, and its mechanically bland raid, Lightfall is a dismaying slip reminiscent of Destiny’s past mediocre expansions rather than the triumphant success players were hoping for.

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