This new Xbox game took me on an emotional journey, channeling the spirit of Ori with unforgettable visuals and gameplay

Strayed Lights will not change the world. It is not a revolutionary game that will reach into the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere and force a shift in perspective, a twisting of worldviews, or a coloring of emotions. It doesn’t innovate with ambitious technologies or set new standards other games can only hope to reach. It’s the debut title from a new indie studio, encapsulating everything that means.

Looking past the video game, though, I found something beautiful in Strayed Lights. It vacates the space in which a narrative should be and, in that void, leaves room for its players to paint their own picture; it uses its vibrant yet somber visuals, riveting soundtrack, and the tense world to bind you to the screen, and then gives you simple, yet addictive combat mechanics so that you have a challenge to overcome.

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